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Putting up my 2009 Super Snake NASCAR pace in mecum auto auction


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F8E9001B-31BE-4067-B0DB-6222E358F5B4.jpeg.e90a04912f3efbe4bdb018395da285af.jpeg843AA82D-D0C5-426E-9B8B-B2CCEEF6A8BE.jpeg.d310fd57258c5501bb358738541f6432.jpeg9166A9B0-3225-40CF-A134-E19CC8905FB9.jpeg.c9f4a91d1e2f71e35c8624526766264f.jpeg191AD2D7-C83F-497D-B57C-5AAC88FB5FE3.jpeg.f9c9f265dc47da38ea879908ac019e37.jpeg0F5784FF-E26F-4AF8-BA8C-175964FBF0E4.jpeg.ddae94b261a1d2555e3fdebf91562645.jpeg7558FE53-7ADD-4A69-ADAC-8EBA7944AF3C.jpeg.6c60cda644b0881240177c7c10b7ca25.jpegAC000018-EF13-4C11-B678-23752FD60957.jpeg.1690f37e2e8f37274028a80213d8be49.jpeg832CE33C-B2B5-4DF3-9660-0DA0B4E6B08D.jpeg.1bd640188ef4f118c933108d67c522df.jpegEAF74100-4306-4551-9DAC-48C945F61F4B.jpeg.7b940b2ede464237fe1cf5825ec04763.jpegI am the original owner, bought in new , and had it sent to Las Vegas to super snake package, then I also had pace car edition , with I had the decals sitting my attic for 8-9 years or longer, I paid $50000 for the gt500, then another $40000 upgrade super snake package and then $6000 for pace car edition, I hoping it will bring good money, it seems super snakes from 2007-2009 not really bringing big money, but never seen any pace cars up on the block. So hopefully it does well at mecum Harrisburg this week

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Trying to get pictures on the topic
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