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Video of Super Snake

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Hope you guys enjoy it. I know I did.

Nice!!!!! so this Shelby transport truck is somewhere between Vegas and Detroit/Woodward dream cruise...

can't help but love the exhaust note, wheels, ride height, smoked tail lights...sequential brake lights are trick too. thanks for the vid.


Man if I were in SAI marketing dept. I'd commission a professionally produced video of the SS on the road with the full-on visceral sights and sounds and performance of this car in action for the SAI website (Porsche does similar 5-minute videos-- large part of what drove me to order a 911 a few yrs ago & definitely helped neutralize my wife's reservations about the idea)... a video like this would pay for itself 1000x over in Snake conversions/parts orders.

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Very nice! I have a dumb question....once the guy pulls the car in, how does he get out of the car? Crawl out through the fold down rear seats and trunk? Or is there a door on the side of the trailer to allow opening the driver's door?



Yes there are doors on the side of the trailer.

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