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so cal shelby hertz rentel owned by hertz


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As some of you so cal guys know there is a guy that keeps showing up at gatherings witha rented hertz GTH coupe with a cardboard for sale sign on it. 1. The car belongs to hertz and he claims to have another one for sale but NO ONE has ever seen it. His story changes at every gathering. First he says he has a dealer holding the car then he says he has it at home etc . You would think with the money he spends every week at hertz he would get a proper RENT ME excuse me i mean FOR SALE sign on the car instead of the wrinkled card board one he keeps puting on the car. I just dont want to see an unsuspecting schmuck get burned by this guy. When we can we should ignore him because paying any attention to him would be letting him know its okay to do the con he is doing. Lets make sure at events that there is one less parking space available and one less seat at the table for this guy.

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