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Newbie, kinda, Pictures Questions

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I was a member in -09 of the original TeamShelby site (sad to see it go actually), but am still working on some of the nuances of this one. Sorry about that.

How does one change the letter, in my case an "S", shown by their posts to a picture (yea, newbie question)? I did successfully upload a picture to my profile (via draging-and-dropping a picture under the  Manage Profile -> Preferences area) and it shows when I click (and assume when others click) on my handle. But still, just that big "S" in a circle next to posts I enter and I can't figure out how to change the "S" to an actual picture.

2nd picture question: Under the Post Your Pictures thread, I also can't figure out (assuming it's possible) how to upload a local picture from my PC to a response. It's a no-brainer to insert/load pictures from a URL (hotlinks/choices for that in the lower RH corner of a response to a post). But can't for the life of me figure out how to upload a local (to my PC) file that's a picture (.JPG) to a response to that post.

All thoughts and comments are welcome and encouraged!

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