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Authenticity Certificate for Nor Cal Edition SGT's?


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I think maybe Shelby should offer an authenticity certificate to owners of the 07 Nor Cal edition Shelby GT's, to prove our cars as being legit.

I know that owners of Nor Cal editions already can get the special door sill plates (which mine has), which pretty much proves it as being a real one, and that the car has to be put in the registry to get the sill plates. Occasionally a set of Nor Cal edition sill plates pop up for sale, which is a rare and great opportunity for current owners to get their hands on a second set, just in case, it is also a chance that it may fall into the wrong hands. I know that it's probably a very slim chance of this ever occurring, and I know that these cars currently don't really bring any more money than a standard SGT (maybe someday they will), but there is a possibility that someday someone may eventually try to pass off a standard SGT as being a Nor Cal edition, to try and get more money out of an unsuspecting buyer. Only 202 of these cars were made, which will inevitably make these already collectible cars even more so, and likely more valuable. I never plan to sell my car, but it would be cool to have more than just the plates to further prove its rarity and worth (Which may also be good for insurance purposes). 

Also: I recently reached out to Shelby to get a replacement monroney sticker for my SGT. I already have one that just says Shelby GT in the top corner, but it recently came to my attention that the Northern California Editions actually had it designated Shelby GT- California on the monroney stickers. I purchased my car used, so unfortunately, I did not get any of the original papers. The guy I talked to said that it only says Shelby GT, as it came on the standard SGT. If Shelby could even offer replacement ones for the Nor Cal editions would also be nice. I doubt that it would take much work to do so. I'm sure that someone at Shelby has the original artwork.

What are your thoughts? I know I would be willing to pay for either of these!

It's GREAT to have TS back!!!!!


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