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Anyone know about the new interior options?


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So has anybody seen any of the new interior options yet?


I've looked high and low for a picture and have come up with nothing.


I'm curious because I ordered option 68B with color code KD, ie. Charcoal/Dove, and I don't even know what it's gonna look like.


Now I'm hearing that the GT500 with the interior upgrade won't have the leather wrapped IP brow, and I wonder if that also applies to the option I ordered as well.


Does anyone know what the interior will look like with the Premier Trim w/Color Accent Pkg.?

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Hey, post whatever you learn. I'm curious too! So far, my salesman can't come up with any more details other than what's on the Buyer's Guide, dated March 13, 2006. He said he'd get me a brochure with all the details as soon as they become available.


I imagine it will be soon, because Job 1 is only 5 weeks away! :woohoo:

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I was basically told the same thing.


My salesman has been great, but he also can't come up with any other info other than what is in the guide.


I'm just surprised that no photos of the new optional interior colors have popped up anywhere.


I've only seen one somewhat decent view of the Cal/Special interior, and that was during the CART race.

Yet that doesn't really pertain to option 68B.


I'll post news but I'm still looking for some.

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