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California Edition


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I am in the process of buying a 07 SGT #5686. The current owner tells me it is a "California Edition" . It has a center dash gauge pod and the sill plates are different with "California edition" on them. I haven't owned a SGT since I bought one new but sold it a few years later so I am not up to date anymore.  I had never heard of a California edition and am wondering just what that means other than the things I have noticed like the gauge pod and the sill plates.

Thanks in advance

Mark Potter


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Excellent vehicle! This was promotional product that was sold in Northern California only. Many people get this vehicle confused with the GT-C which was only offered in 2008 in Grabber Orange. 215 GT-C were build compared to the 202 of the 07s which sold in Black or White. 

What kind of mileage is on this car? Black or White?


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