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Shelby GT S


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On 7/16/2020 at 5:19 PM, shelbycrz said:

Wondering if anyone has purchased one of these cool Shelbys?

any word on color production numbers?

21 SIXT Shelby GT-S's  were created for the SIXT Rental  Company folks.....20 coupes for the rental fleet, 1 convertible purchased by a SIXT Executive.

All rental cars were A/T and supercharged....16 black w/orange stripes & 4 orange w/ black stripes. The convertible is black w/matte black(?) stripes, SC'd with M/T.

Beginning last spring, the cars have been retired from rental duty a couple at a time.  To date, 17 of the 20 rental units are for sale, 1 has sold, and the remaining 2 are being prepped for sale. 

Early on there were rumors of a possible second batch of cars, but that never happened.  



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Thanks for the input!

what are your thoughts on these cars, are they worth the money, or is better to buy one of the new GT 350/500’s?

looking to possibly purchase a new Shelby Mustang and looking at my options.

just need some input from some of the people who know these cars.

 Thanks again 

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