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GT500 won't throttle


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Hey guys, I have a 2008 Shelby GT500, KB SC, L&M cams, th400, etc.

Anyway car runs like a raped ape. I moved to Hawaii drove the car brought it back home where it sat in the garage. Would start it once a week. Then one day it was hard to start, with no throttle response at all, then it wouldn't start at all. Fuel pressure is at 40psi, once I start cranking it jumps to 100psi with no start. I get a P2198 code. Replaced pumps with deatschwerks, new fpdms, new fuel pressure sensor, new O2s. Need some advice please.

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P2198 FORD Possible Causes What does this mean? Faulty Front Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 2 Front Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 2 harness is open or shorted Front Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 2 circuit poor electrical connection Inappropriate fuel pressure Faulty fuel injectors Intake air leaks may be faulty Vacuums leaks

Read more: https://www.autocodes.com/p2198_ford.html

Time for dealer diagnostics  GG


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