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Buying a Ford Shelby GT350 on 2020

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Hey guys, 

I've reading about all those oil consumption issues in GT350/(R). I thought Ford fixed it on 2019-2020 GT350 models but I read another thing in this forum from other users. Anyone knows?

If I want to buy a Shelby GT350, what would be your advice, looking for an used (year) or new, and what do I need to be aware?

What I don't like of the 2020 GT500 is the gear selector dial, I prefer old style or manual transmission.

Where can I find the money factor and residual value for a lease on a 2020 GT350 and which would be a good monthly payment after paid $5000 in down-payment? If anyone want to share their story or numbers, I appreciate it. 

Just a new guy that would love to become a member of this Shelby family.

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I really believe that this issue has been over-hyped and the actual occurrences vs. the total number of engines built is really low.  However, as pointed out by others, these engines are hand built race engines for mass produced vehicles.  I didn't treat the break-in period as I would with a typical production motor and I have followed the manufacturer's recommendations for break in.  I have not seen any oil consumption issues as of yet.  However, I am confident that Ford will do the right thing and fix an issue associated with this motor under warranty as long as I stay "in the box", i.e (no power adders, aftermarket tunes, ect) to the motor itself.

Addressing the money factors in vague terms, I offer the following.  These cars have had stratospheric ADMs attached for at least the 1st 3 years of production.  I opted to wait until the GT350 was going to be offered below MSRP, and that now is the current market.  $5k below MSRP is a good start and I found that on the 2019 that I have now. I have read about others making a deal $10k below MSRP.  Imagine the cost savings over 24 months ago when it was hard to get a dealer to step down from a $20k ADM!  However, there are also excellent opportunities on the used market for low mileage examples, yet they do seem to hold a higher than normal resale value if you are aiming not to buy new.

So that's my story.  I will not pay ADM.  I will not pay MSRP.  I will take advantage of the loss of hype over this car as the GT500 hits the showroom floor.  I assure you that I am not disappointed in my purchase or have anxiety about the "issues" allegedly crowned as a model specific "scarlet letter" for this outstanding machine. 

Good luck on your search! 

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