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Collector Car Insurance

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For those that have this type of insurance, I was wondering how those that had to make a claim (or never have) would view the listed items as being covered or not. I had a non Shelby stolen a little over a year ago and still fighting the insurance company. All the below list was part of the recent supplemental that was denied.

1) Speakers were stolen. The thief (or thieves) parted out the radio and the speakers. At the time of recovery, the police only noted the radio as they had put the covers back on the speaker covers back over the doors and rear. The insurance company says the covers were in place in the photos, so they must have been there. Denied. Cost to investigate if the wiring and Bose amps inside the door still okay....denied.

2) Floor mats. I had an extra set in the back. They stole the ones on the floor and the extras in back. The extras covered under spare parts. The ones on the floor...denied.

3) Original keys gone. When we recovered the car (in 30 hours btw....thief was found when he ran out of gas 3 miles from the scene and trooper stopped to help), only the spare set was in it. The originals were missing. $5 paid for a new set of keys. OEM keys, replacement ignition, and replacement door locks/glove box locks denied.

4) I had a spare passenger visor in the back. They paid that under spare parts. The original one in place...denied. I requested a driver's side too as the replacement no longer matched the driver's side. Denied.

5) New battery missing. Thieves kept the new and put in an old one. Replacement battery denied.

6) I had a spare armrest/console cover...not the best shape but covered under the spare parts. The original one was still there but they broke it breaking the lock to get into the console. Denied.

I think you get the picture. They market themselves as collectors insurance but are very shady to deal with. Wish me luck as I don't give up easily but just wondering what others think. Once done with this claim, I'll finish out my coverage for the period and then over to a more reputable and experienced in collector cars.


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American Collectors Insurance....associated with USAA. If need be, I'll get USAA involve but...perhaps ACO will step up and do the right thing. Its the underwriter that is the issue which is Assurant. My recommendation is always ask who underwrites claims when looking for this type of insurance.

It was the first and last project my father in law and I worked on together as he passed in 2017 so there's more sentimental value than actual value. But sometimes after talking to the underwriter, I feel that way.

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You don't state what your vehicle is.  At least year/make/model helps.  Are you insuring a true classic that is hard to replace or a modern vehicle under the policy due to its value (and typically undervalued by regular insurance.)

I will add that the insurance company's job is to make money (read, premium income exceeds any payouts), and I've never had an insurance claim that was settled on the first round. 

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We all keep our finger crossed that we won't have to use the insurance. I know there have been several discussions over the years about the pros and cons of various companies and the prevailing concern has always been the cost. Although the cost is important, I think coverage is the most critical. Unfortunately some of the companies change from year to year and one has to be careful that an important provision isn't affected. Good luck with your claim.

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11 hours ago, BIKEBOY said:

Fixed it for ya Tony. 👍

I didn't need fixing.  My statement is what I intended to say.

There are many ways the company will make money.  They will also increase your rates and see to it that all other insurance companies add a surcharge for that claim for at least three (sometimes up to 7) years.  Forget it if you get a DUI or any other charge that falls into the category of losing your license, including street racing. 

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