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Oil dripping at the canister filer

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I have a 2017 GT350 right around 12K miles. Purchased used in June of 2019. I have read the forums on oil consumption and all the different concerns with the voodoo. I don't have reservations regarding this as I have owned numerous BMWs and oil consumption, especially on M engines is normal. However, my car seems to have a slow drip emanating from the canister filter as I cannot find anywhere else that shows signs of a leak. It seems to have started after a dealer oil change. Took it back, they said one of the O rings on the canister may have not seated properly. After a reinstall, the same thing started after about 200 miles. Is anyone else experiencing this and maybe have an idea of what can be done. For full disclosure, the car is not babied, has been driven at speed and on track. 

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