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Shelby American gauge pod set arrived

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Yeah.... recieved my gauge pod set from Shelby American today. 

Opened my package and it had a boost gauge installed. I ordered a non supercharged version for i have a natural aspirated motor. Im kind of bummed out. How can they get that mixed up....? I was excited but now not so much. Autometer site has carbon fiber oil temp gauge but without Carrolls signature.... i understand mistakes happen and i hate returning shipments. Does anyone have an extra Carroll Shelby complete 2 5/8 carbon fiber oil temp gauge they would like to part with so i can swap out the boost gauge myself instead of returning the shippment?

Thanks everyone, hope all are safe.

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Not necessarily. They do not offer a non supercharged kit anymore. Haven’t since 2013 or so. You can source the autometer oil temp gauge elsewhere and use it. Oil block IS the same, just cap off more ports. If you need the N/A installation instructions let me know. 

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2 hours ago, Macman756 said:

And just get a regular Autometer carbon fiber oil temp gauge. I looked for the Ca signed one for YEARS. No dice. 

Im thinking about it. What would be best to hook up for our sgt's....a mechanical oil temp gauge or electric

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