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Interesting SGT


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Okay, so who here knows the story on this car (see link). I was browsing through the auction results on Barrett Jackson, primarily on Shelby GTs, and noticed a few things about this car that were unusual and interesting. It appears to have the base GT rear bumper cover and the Ford Racing CAI, like found on the 2006 GT-H, Polished wheels, and signs of the stripes resembling the 06 GT-Hs style (no cut out around the third brake light, etc).

I compared the VIN (1ZVFT82H375214221) to some of the early SGTs, and it seems to have been manufactured very closely to whitey, the concept SGT 07GT01C. 01C has a VIN of  (1ZVFT82H375214219). 

I saw some post on Facebook about this car being the one used for EPA testing?? Rumor or true??? If so, why produce another car to use for testing, when there were already two concepts they could use.

If there is no more to the story, maybe at least this car may possibly be the lowest VIN number SGT. Not that it matters much. It doesn't mean that the car has a low CSM, as the cars were not produced in any specific order. I'm no expert, but some reasonable deduction.




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