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Exhaust and weight


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Hope everyone is doing well and being safe. I am curious on exhaust modification and weight.

1. In terms of exhaust does anyone know what is a good exhaust modification that i can look into that doesnt exceed 102.9 dba?

2. How much weight is put on the gt350 when the car comes with the electronics package and powered "leather" seats"? i dont want to sound spoiled, I am happy with my car, but I can't help but think that maybe I should have not got the car with all these excessive things I dont need that just add weight. I dont need powered leather seats that dont hold me well when going side to side at a track for non competitive driving, and at the time when getting it I didn't realize this one came with a built in stereo set thing in in the trunk of the car. 

Point being is this: I wanted this car to be my daily driver and be the car that I can use for the track so I can have more seat time for myself. This may not be the car I will use for competitive racing, but the fact it gets me seat time without having to keep renting a track car every time. I wish I paid closer attention to what I was getting, but I guess thats what happens when I get too excited about getting a car at a dealership. I wanted a car that I can do both daily driver and non competitive tracking, but I never wanted this excessive stuff that doesn't serve my purposes for the car. 

Anyways, Stay safe stay healthy y'all


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