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Ahhhhh...I love the smell of a new bulletin board.


I was the guy at NBS who helped you get rid of that unsightly extra image up there by your logo, and thought I would stop by to see if you were successful in getting rid of it.


I would also like to extend an invitation to you. Please stop by The Perfect Page. We have some pretty cool "stuff" for your bulletin board:

  • Mods
    • The Perfect Points System
    • The Member Map
    • The Perfect Bank
    • Poker
    • Lottery
    • and many more


    [*]Tips about your IPB

    [*]Fast Friendly Support Forums

    [*]and much more


...and it's free! Everybody likes "free". Swing on by, and see all we have to offer.


I know I shouldn't plug my site, but you really do need some "stuff" for your members to do...while they are not chit-chatting with each other.


I'm looking forward to seening you at The Perfect Page.

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