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I’m looking to buy a gt350R

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I’m looking at a 2017 GT350R with about 5200 miles lighting blue with black stripes and black roof. Has electronic package as well. Asking price is $59,000.

is this a decent price or are these cars coming down in price?

also 2017 vs 18 and 19. Are there differences that justify spending more money on a newer model?


thanks for your help!


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they say that the late 18's (some) and the 19's have the newer 2020 block in them - who knows - its identified by a K under the pass side coil cover - it has something to do with Old Oil Pump and Gear designed vs New - I have an 18 Lightning Blue and have a Whipple - we changed the weak link the same times as the blower and the clutch

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