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Possible changes in msrp

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May or may not be the same but when I was in the business, throughout the year, retail pricing sometimes changed for the better or worst.


For example, Ford releases retail prices/booklets which sales people use but sometimes while your car is on order, new prices/booklets are released and the old ones simply trash. Why is this important??


Example, say you bought an F150 at the time and retail base was $20,199 plus options, ordered it and waited. While waiting the 6-8 weeks, new prices were released and base is now $19, 995, a difference of $204.


You need to know because it's in your favour. If you have a sales agreement and the price went up, you are protected and will pay your original price but if it went down, sometimes dealers don't disclose and keep the difference as profit. Also, common that option prices change so the difference can be greater.


So really, just before delivery, you should confirm the retail #'s and get the most current or lower, which ever is better.


Hope this helps

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