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Hey! Shelby enthusiast, future Shelby owner


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Hey how's it going, nervous joining TS without a Shelby but I've been assured by the ad on Ford Performance it's all good lol. Anyway just decided to join since I am a fan of Mustangs and the Carroll Shelby story, and I hope my current Mustang leads to owning a real CSM badged Mustang (most likely a 07-09 Shelby GT or GT500). Or at least own cars that can be appreciated by Shelby enthusiasts (fingers crossed I some day own a GT40 replica)

That aside, my name is Thomas and I own a 2007 Mustang GT turned Shelby Terlingua tribute car. Even though the window to officially convert the car by Shelby is past, I still will try to follow the original Terlingua/CS8 build sheet as closely as possible since I have some of the Terlingua-exclusive parts and most of the other parts are out there (Carroll Shelby Racing even conveniently started a limited run of Shelby GT parts recently). In the mean time I'm just enjoying the fact I finally have a Mustang after I've been trying to get one since I could drive lol (I just happen to find one of the most unique Mustangs I could find for under 10K)

Anyway I'm glad to be a part of Team Shelby and would be honored if I could get some help with the build (for example, if anyone has any info on CS8 build info that'd be greatly appreciated. I already have all the Terlingua info I could need to build the car myself... if parts were available... but considering the Terlingua was a V6 in 07 I'd like to know what Shelby did with V8 cars back then). I basically have the whole build thought out but there are little details here and there I'm uncertain of I'll get into when the time comes. But the car has come a long way, both before and after I got the car, and things are just getting started! 


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