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Looking for information on 08 SGT BJ/SC


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It's not  a car that has any references here that I can find.  You should verify the car is a factory GT/SC by contacting Steve Thornton by email at stevent@shelby.com.

I owned two of the BJ GT/SC edition convertibles.  They were a hoot to drive!!!

I would add that he thinks highly of his "Luxory Motors".  Everything there is way over priced. 

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Thank you I will do that. It has been for sale for at least five years or so. I remember seeing for $79,999 quite a while ago.

Just looked at the photos...it does have a Shelby America “Factory Supercharged” sticker. 

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I agree. This may have been his car. My wife and I are looking at getting a convertible for our 40th birthday’s next summer. I will continue to keep my eye on this one. There can not be very many of these cars that were built this way.

*Wanting either a low mileage 07 GTH, low mileage SGT Convertible (Factory SC preferably), or 07 GT500 40th Anniversary Edition* I have seen several 40th verts. online but too rich for my blood.

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