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Hood Struts for the KR hood


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1 hour ago, Grabber08 said:

Has anyone put hood struts on their KR hood? If so, what brand? I am looking at the Redline version


I bought a set of Red Line Elites for my Super Snake hood when they first came out, but the install  required drilling the hood and installing the hood end of the strut attachment with pop rivets, I could never bring myself to drill and pop rivet my original Super Snake hood. I know there have been some updates to the Red Line install for the factory alum. hood where no drilling is required......Is that the case with the GT500KR CF hood also? No drill?

I finally settled on the struts linked below, they are ordered by body color for the attachment brackets, they fully blend in and I left the labels off the struts themselves so that they look just like the trunk struts and blend in as if they were oem installed......they are there and function, but are not noticed as something that grabs attention under my hood................


^^^^The Super Snake FG hood is heavy, and the lift capacity of the struts linked above was not enough, so I worked with NXT and after a couple of tries we got a set psi'ed for the Super Snake hood weight, I have had them on my car for about 8 years with no issues.......................and especially no bowing of the fiberglass!!! I know the GT500KR CF hood is lighter, and the struts linked above "may" be the right psi to properly support the KR hood?


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