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Used for non-experienced GT350 2016


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Dear friends,


firstly I am European guy interested to buy used GT350 y2016 with approximately 10 000miles.


I read and saw a few videos about issues with the engine, cooler and oil consumption.


Please, if I have VIN number of the car, is there any way to check if the engine in the car I am interested to buy was the wrong one?


Also, what do you think, is the car so problematic? Or what I should consider before buying used one?


Many thanks for your advice and help.

Sincerely Tomas

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If you are looking to see if the VIN provides a manufacturing date fence - speculating that those built before have a problem and those built after don't - there is no such date.  If you have a VIN and a cooperative Ford dealer you can get an OASIS report which will show Ford dealer services and warranty work done on the car.    I don't know what access European dealers have to US vehicles.


Good luck!

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