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1966 GT 350 Paxton questions

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First, I'm a new member and a lifelong lover of Shelby and Ford muscle! 

I currently have a client's 66 GT 350 in my shop. It has a first owner installed Paxton supercharger setup on it. The carburetor is a 650 Holley DP. It has had the secondary mod and blower floats installed( so I'm told). It has no choke. I am searching for Intel on proper adjustment of this carburetor. When the engine is warm, with the idle screw backed off completely, it idles at 1,800  RPM. It runs and pulls great under load. My first thought is a vacuum leak or idle mixture is too lean. I have been unsuccessful finding much on the web on the subject.

I have little experience with supercharged engines without fuel infection, but shouldn't the idle mixture adjustment be the same as a non-boosted engine? I would think it shouldn't matter whether the air is being pushed or pulled  through the carburetor. However, it is a definite possibility I am incorrect! That's why I joined Team Shelby....to learn all I can, to do this car the justice it deserves! After this, I will be tackling front brakes, exhaust, clutch, and interior issues. I am sure I will have more questions and I am always eager to learn all I can from people that actually know what they are talking about! 

Thanks in advance for a simple gear head and life long Ford owner!


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