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Tire size for CS40 Wheels on KR


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I am looking for some tires to put on our KR.  I have 20x9 front and 20x10 rear. front offset I believe is 30mm and rear is 45. I have 255/35 fronts and 275/35 Sumitomo tires. They are not good at all, no hook and looks like rubber bands on them. I dont want to change anything on the car in regards to suspension. Thought of going 265/35 front and 285/35 rear. Afraid of it rubbing. Any advice



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They look good!


I am running Nitto Invo with 255/35/20 and 295/35/20 on staggered Shelby Razor wheels and no rubbing at all.  I’m very happy with them. I don’t know for sure if the offset between the Razor and your CS40’s are any different.  

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8 hours ago, Grabber08 said:

I believe my front offset is 30mm and rear is 45mm. Unsure of the Razors

Razors are +30mm front and +48mm rear.  There are a few guys running 305 in the back without rubbing on some less off set wheels. 295’s are not a problem, particularly with a 10” wide rear.  A lot of guys run 255’s on 9” front.  It’s a great balance to a 295 - 305 rear.  Looks spot on. I currently have them on my SGT:




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