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Michelin 3's versus 4's - need help tks


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I was looking to find out what the end user experience has been with the Michelin Pilot A/S 3's versus the 4S tires?

I just purchased my new ride (2008 GT500) and it came with stock original tires and rims, 12 years old look like new but I wont turn a wheel on those puppies, just don't trust them. They only have 12k on them but still... - so my local dealer has given me a price on the Michelin 3's , installed and balanced for what I consider fair price, BUT, would it be worth to spend the extra dough to go to the 4's? and since my car came with P255/45R18 front and P285/ 40R18 on the rear, I was told getting that same sizing is not going to be easy in the 4's

My Canadian car came fully modified by previous original owner which he had completed by Shelby Performance ( Sean Hyland Motorsports ) prior to delivery for warranty purposes, with a few mods, bottom pulley, total suspension package, lowered 1.25 all around, perf exhaust, short shift, dash cluster etc. dyno print out shows 629 RWHP etc, but it has never been tracked, and it will never be under my watch either.

With that in mind I am not looking to do burnouts, what I am looking for is simple traction when called upon. I just want the car to hookup when power is applied. I do not plan on dragging light to light as where i live lights are miles apart , but at the same time it would be comforting to know if I do put my foot into it for a more spirited weekend ride I am not going to end up in the back 40 if and when I do choose to have some fun!

I would really appreciate any feedback, car is in storage and I will trailer it home first part of May 2020


Cheers and Thanks

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I believe the Pilot SS were the predecessor to the 4S. Bought my Pilot SS (265x295) at 40K and have 80K on them now, and still have some miles left on them. Great traction when warmed up, grips corners confidently.

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thank you for this feedback, I have been looking at them - are they absolutely horrible if you get caught in the rain while heading back home or something? I don't plan on taking the car out in the rain ever but sometimes you get caught, what would the end result be? My intention is to truly use the car for those really nice days only.

What about road rash against the quarters? DO they toss everything at the body or are they similar to that of the 3S tires?

Thanks Again....

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Best summer tire out of these would be which one?

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+
Michelin Pilot Super Sport
Note: I am only using it for summer driving.
NOT a DD or anything like that. I can pick my days to drive it. The car sits in climate controlled garage year round

I realize this is totally subjective, it depends on your right foot, etc. however I gotta believe I'm not the only one who wishes to put power down periodically without total spin-out. Decent day in the high 60's mid 70's low 80's would be nice to actually hookup and go :)

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My Pilot Super Sports do surprisingly well in the rain.

I don't have any issues with quarter rash.

I too had my mods done at Sean Hyland, and he actually recommended the Pilot SS's when I asked him what would be the best tire upgrade for my car 07 SGT/SC (in 2015). I upgraded my wheels to a staggered 9/10 and got 275 and 295's.

Do check the date code on the actual tires you're purchasing, you don't want anything older than a year.

Remember to get your rubber warm before you start pushing your baby. My first "giddy up" usually entails just wheel spin to "clean" the tire surface.

I don't know your level of experience with powerful cars but; your car has enough power to scare you! Baby steps.

I also suggest  searching "tires" here on the TS site, and maybe create a new post in the GT 500 section that's more relevant to your request for tire suggestions. I don't think you'll find Pilot SS's in the sizes you want, pretty obsolete now.

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