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steaming engine but no overheat?


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So this is the first and only time ive noticed this on my 2019 gt 350, of course engines create heat but I saw some sort of steam looking thing coming out of the hood front right side. The car is about 2500 miles in. Im no expert on internal mechanics. About a week before that I started up the car and I heard a snap sound and it sounded like it came from the front of the car. I checked under the hood, but nothing seems to be broken. I have been careful with my car since I first got it. None of the indicators showed any signs of problems of the car, no overheating issue. 

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5 hours ago, twobjshelbys said:

Are you sure it was coolant boilover and not something else that spilled (like windshield cleaner getting on the hot block)?

now that you mention it, it could be water collected from the previous rainy day. this only happened once on a dry day and hasnt been happening since. The very first time this happened was a rainy day when visiting a friend. Aside from those 2 instances it has not happened. Should i still get it looked at?

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