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I love the 2020 supersnake F150 concept truck and would like to build my own.  What coilover suspension setup did you use and what size tire was used with the  CS45 wheels?  Thank you in advance.

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I been bugging SAI to offer the best Coil-Overs in the world I mean if your $100k+ Shelby Super Snake is supposed to be the best in the world and when they did the $100k+ Terlingua Mustangs sorry but off the shelf Eibach Coil-Overs are good but not great!! When SAI finally on the 2019 Super Snake offered Penske Coil-Overs as an option that for sure was a big improvement over the Eibach stuff but in the world today of High Performance and Pro Touring Cars customers around the world want their cars for Daily Driving including long distance driving but also want their cars for Racing too whether Track, Auto Cross, or Drag Racing so a Coil-Over that can be adjusted to handle all of these is what we want and the Penske stuff is not even rated in the top 5. 

What I'm saying if SAI offered these options on these packages we will buy it so the best stuff is done by the factory

JRZ, Ohlins, JRi, KW, Pedders from Australia is high quality stuff

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