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Torch Red for me

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Torch Red with white stripes, interior upgrade, red inserts. I can't Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shift:




Hey!!! :rant:


Get out of my car :censored:


She's mine, all mine!!! :shift::shift:


:happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet:




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All right - all right - pipe down y'all.


Bunch of little kids. :bandance:


Ordered mine's today/he's placing it tomorrow.


Red/white - interior upgrade/inserts.


Only mod planned - lowering springs.


Okay - back to the celbrations! :shift:


MSRP, baby.

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So - okay then, what are ya sayin', eh? :bandance:


I gotta go jump the Prowler, now.


Ice fishin' this weekend, Norm? :happy feet:




Torch Red, Performance White Stripes, Crimson Red inserts or in other words "Speeding Ticket" when parked. Ordered April 18th - priority 10. It should be here the end of August and hopefully sooner.

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Never mind all that bunk about speeding tickets.


How many cars do you see on the road that try and project "I'm fast" with graphics - Indy-car rear spoilers - etc -- but AREN'T ANY FASTER THAN AN ACCORD?


Well, this car, IMHO, is akin to the 427 Shelby Cobra wherein it can back up how it looks.


So - I want mine to put fear into those who chose to spend their money on mirror-shaking amps and bass speakers. And - I want them to know WHO'S BACK IN TOWN.


We know - don't we boys and girls?


SHELBY! :happy feet:


Objects in my mirrors will be losing.


Now - just where is that screw that pumps up the boost to 12? :bandance:

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