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Seat Covers for Recaros?


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Hello All,

I'm new to Team Shelby.  Although I've had a 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 for a while, I just received my new '19 GT350 last month!  Performance blue + white stripes + CF dash + handling package.  My first goals have been to get it protected from daily wear/tear: Xpel PPF, RokBloks, SlipLo on the splitter, and ceramic coating, so far. 

The Recaro bolster stitching and logo lettering in a friend's '17 GT350 are splitting and fraying.  I'm most frustrated that I can't locate anyone that produces "custom fit" seat covers for the Recaros.  I've searched "endlessly" online and checked several of the major outlets (CoverKing, CoverKraft, CalTrend, Shear Comfort, CarID, etc...), and no one makes custom fitted covers for the OEM Recaros.

Does anyone know where I can get "custom fit" Recaro seat covers?  If not, at least a well made, well fitting "universal fit" seat cover? 

Thanks!  Elated to be a new Shelby owner!

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Since my last post, I've kept an eye out for custom seat covers that are built specifically for the high-bolstered Recaros in the GT350's and the R models.  No luck.  But I did run across Corbeau seat covers that are designed for the high-bolstered racing seats from Corbeau Mfr part # TR6701R, Suggested retail $59 each.  The material seems tough and sturdy and is a very nice tightly woven nylon canvas that despite "waterproof" claims, isn't - per the Corbeau CS rep.  Installation (and removal) is very easy with an elastic "waist band" for the seat bottom and 3 nylon slip-clips: 1 for seat bottom and 2 for seat back. The fit is poor - baggy in some spots, tight in others - but what else would you expect from mixing manufacturer's products.  I suspect the tight spots will stretch out over time.  I really don't care.  My priority was protecting my expensive OEM Recaros.   One added benefit is that the Corbeau fabric is less "grabby" than the Alcantara on the OEM seats, making it easier to get in/out.  But on track days, I'll remove the covers to take advantage of the "stickiness" of the Alcantara and help keep me in my seat on corners.   Not an ideal fit, and kinda ugly, but overall good bargain for what I was looking for.

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A good shop can get you what you want - my guy merged managed to offer my 2018 GT350R Heated Cooled Dual Power Driver Lumbar Recaro's - I bought some doner seats, we welded some frame adjustments and installed the wiring - Recaros work perfect and look amazing - no lights and is what Ford should have done from day one!





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Dang!  Those are kick-ass looking seats - love the red inserts!  Heated/cooled AND power adjustable in the "full-race" Recaros??!!!  That's Crazy and amazing!  Your guy is a genius and true artist!  Love the red stripe in the door panel inserts too!   While you were at it, did you incorporate the anti-sub slot in the seat bottom for 5 pt harness?  Any more pics?


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yep - it was a great winter project - I will never get the $$$ out of it but I just can't put a price on comfort and at Key, Off/door open, the seat goes back automatically to make it easy to get out - I didn't set it for a 5pt - I doubt I will track it - its VIN #00350, 903hp Whipple with lowered mounts, so the strut tower stays, oil pump upgrade/gear, and with the CF hood, suspension, two sets of OEM Exposed Carbon Fiber wheels one Pilot SuperSports other Cup2's, CF brake coolers, Watson 4pt, fog lights, CF stripes, shifter, and more

Whipple Plate 2.jpg


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