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First Drag Strip Run


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So I ran my Shelby on the Drag Strip Saturday night. I made three passes with a best of 12.802 @ 113. All 3 passes were done with the factory F1 tires at full pressure just as I drive the car on the street. A short burn out was done each time (mostly to clear the water from the tread that was unavoidable). The car has the EVO Stage 2 kit with the 2.6 pulley, but is otherwise 100% as delivered. It was roughly 78 degrees and very humid, nearly 100%(condensation was forming on the cars). I drove the car 40 miles to the track and did nothing to cool the engine betwen passes.


First pass. I got confused by the lack of competition in the other lane and sat for 5 seconds after the light turned green. This flustered me and I spun the tires through first and second gears and ran a terrible 13.99 @ 108. I haven't been to a track in years.


Second pass. With all of the traction problems of the first pass, I ran the second pass with the traction control ON. It went smoothly and cautiously to a 12.820 @ 112.


Third pass I lined up next to a HEAVILY modded '04 C5 Z06. He had Drag radials, Line Lok and did one hellatious burn out!!!. I did a little longer burnout myself. When the light turned green, I let the clutch out at 2000 RPM and the car BOGGED, it actually hooked up!!!!! When it left it was grabbin good, but the 'Vette jumped me. This made me drive hard to try to catch him. We were neck and neck all the way down the track, but he had the car length on me that he got at the starting line. After the 1/8 I was starting to inch up on him. Unfortunately I was watching him instead of the track. He missed 4th gear and I though we were at the end of the track and got out of it as well. So I ended up coasting through the trap and still ran a 12.8 @ 113.


I feel quite confident with a little more practice the car would easily go 12.2s with the stock tires. We had a lot of fun. Next will be the gears and then hopefully we will find some 11 second passes.

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Practice , Practice, Practice. your car has low 12's if not high 11's in it


On same EVO stage 2 setup and stock f1's I am ran as low as 12.02 @ 119. On a hot day temps in the high 80's. I just got a set of 26 X 11.50 X 17 MT et streets that should help me lower my 60's enough to run mid 11. But i still want ot run 11 on the stock F1's I JUST HAVE TO WAIT FOR COLD WEATHER

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What air pressure did you run? What were your 60' times? Mine were terrible in the 2.1-2.3 range. I know that is where I am losing the battle. The best E.T. I had was with the worst 60' time of 2.3. How are you launching, slipping the clutch?




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