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Newbie Owners with Oil Question..


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My wife and I have had Mustangs the last five years, but yesterday got our first Shelby, a 2016 GT350, with only 7900 miles on it. Super shape, like almost new.

We read about the recall on them, dealer assured us it was fixed, I looked up the car and a search site said "No Unresolved Recall Problems."

It was in Tampa, and my wife drove it across the state to our home in Boca, about 350 miles away. Before we took delivery, we told them make sure oil was full.

She got back late last night and today, we checked, and the oil looked low. Turns out it was about half a quart low and we put some in. 

My question is, doesn't this seem odd? I know they use a lot of oil, but I see posts saying they haven't needed to add oil in 2000 miles or so. Opinions?

We are total newbies and are now carrying a quart and funnel with us in the trunk;)



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