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I sold my beloved black 09 GT500 a year ago to get some financial things straightened out. It was a long summer seeing all my Mustang buddies at shows. So I've been looking for a while, & I found this. 2009 torch red w/stripe delete, 6400 miles, & a few mods. I'm a stripe delete guy, & I really think I'm going to like it!

Red 09 GT500.jpg

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Congrats! I have now owned a '13 since July. I totally get the love affair with these cars now. The attention it gets whenever you take it out makes my old '07 Tungsten GT seem like a Corolla or Camry. Last night we went to fill her up with some 93 octane at a BP station and a guy in a '65 coupe - nicely done, too, pulled in to take a look at my GT500. These cars are special. It was only 55 degrees last night, too, and I also found out how easy these cars can step out on you if you get the revs too high in 2nd gear. Lesson learned!

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