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Getting some Mods Done!!!!

William Rodgers

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I took my car to Tasca this past week, they are now 90 minutes away, but my experiences with them have always been Top Notch and they have done every single mod on my car so I’m keeping it that way, at least the mods they are capable of doing will be done by them.  Don from Tasca has been amazing, I can’t say enough about his communication and top notch work!!!


So I had them install my Shelby Watts Link I’ve had in the garage for years, my take-off excellent condition GT500 Brembo’s, and they upgraded my ball joints/control arms to FRPP since my car failed inspection last year due to my existing ones having “Play” in them.  They also looked everything over and said the car was in outstanding shape, that was good to hear!!


Now my car is getting a Shelby GT/SC interior installed, I bought the interior from Swedeman and I can’t wait to get it complete.  I’ve always wanted to upgrade the interior, when Gary Disney stopped making them I thought that day would never come, I didn’t want a Katzkin that is currently offered, I wanted the ones offered when I bought my car.  Well Swede May have had the last one ever made and I was lucky enough to buy it from him!!!  It should be done at some point next week.


Next I will get the stripes done, I’m debating getting 3M vinyl stickers for $1000 or holding off to get them painted.  I always thought I would just get them painted, but if the 3M Vinyl will last 8-10 years I’m actually fine with vinyl, my Stock ones looked good until a few years ago so I would think the much better 3M quality stripes should work.


I will keep you all updated and post pictures when all is done, it might be a few weeks due to my travel and coordinating it all to get completed.


Have a great night everyone!!!


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Hey carnut 12,  sounds like your adding some pretty cool stuff on your car and having fun doing it too.   I just wanted to say that as far as the vinyl goes, it has come a long ways in the quality of the vinyl that’s produced these days and their warranty on the product.  My neighbor has been a professional installer for a very long time with stripes, graphics,tinting, and also wrapping.  Just make sure your installer stands behind his work and uses one of the top grade vinyls that are out there.    

Good luck with all your latest editions to your car and enjoy the hell out of it too!      :peelout:

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Thank you so much that is great to hear on the Vinyl, I think I’m going to do it.  My car is garage kept and is only averaging 2000 miles per year so I would think it would last a long time.  I would also probably add a coating to it if that helped.

It’s almost going to be a New Car when it’s complete!!!


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3 hours ago, noac said:

I would stay with the vinyl stripes that is how the cars were originally done.  You can still get the stripes from Shelby.

I’m partial to this as well.  If your car lives in a garage on the not so nice days the stripes hold up well. Mine on both my ‘08 SGT and KR look factory new.  Neither car has seen water, which helps. I keep them clean with a duster and spray detailer with UV protectant.  I detail under the car and wheel wells 1 a year with a light simple green solution.   I have 13k + miles in the KR, so it’s no like you cant drive them with the vinyl.

Either way your SGT is going to be sweet!  Post pics. 👍🏻

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Bill you are so right, the original dated 2007-08 interiors are no longer made. Any new interior upgrades have the incorrect snake and GT/SC lettering colors etc... That interior you have including the stripe matching & original 618 silver leather incl console cover, complete interior and 1/2 hide 618 silver leather for door panels will make your car new and exciting again. I am so glad you got it.

Please post pictures when done.

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