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New Wheels for My 40th?

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Has anyone changed out to a different wheel on their 40th?  What's the opinion of changing wheels from the Razors to another Shelby wheel?  While I certainly like my chrome razors, I'm considering adding a set of Silver Shelby Venom wheels, 20x9.5 front and 20x10.5 rear with an upsize tire on rear to at least 285/35 or possibly even 305/30, perhaps even move the 275/35s to the front.  I'd certainly hang on to the Razors, but virtually no one at car shows I've been to has a clue what a 40th anniversary GT500 is -- even the guys with Shelbys.  So while a purist 40th person (which I sort of am) might squirm some at a change (why I'm seeking opinion), no one judging or attending a local car show would know the difference.  Thoughts? 



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I personally love the look of the razor wheels, particularly in satin or gunmetal. That said a set of 20” Alcoa’s always look great on any 2008-2009, but were part of the SS program.  I have not seen Venom on a gen 1 S197, but why not?  It’s just a jack, lug nut and a tire sensor programmer to swap them.  Enjoy the car!  

White 40th’s are one of my personal all time favorites for appearance BTW. 👍

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On 9/13/2019 at 10:08 PM, Ford Fest said:

I recall one of the forum members swapping to a set of SS Alcoa wheels. You can’t go wrong with those. You could always switch to another color of Razors. 

Thought about the gunmetal razors since silver not available.

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Hey JJ,  saw your post, so I figured I’ll put my 2 cents worth in.   Just my opinion, but don’t worry about what other people think of your choice of wheels because you are the only one paying your hard earned money for them!   Also, your the one that has to look at them all the time, so you get what “You” really like!  :thumbsup:   Don’t worry about all the people not knowing anything about your car or what it really is, but I do understand where your coming from.   I’m lucky enough to own a 2008 Vista Blue Shelby GT and alot of people don’t know much about my car either because of low production and lack of advertising on it.  Heck, even some Dealers have been known not to recognize they have one on their lot.    So I’ll say you drive it, you pay for it, you maintain it, = (you get what “You” want!)!    Hope this helps in your dilemma.     :shrug: 

P.S. Deffinitally hang on to all your stock parts that you take off, you just never know if they’ll come in handy down the road!    J.M.O.         

   Later!                      Goose      :peelout:

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Wheels bolt-on and off without any harm, keep the correct original Razors since they are part of your unique Shelby and buy the wheel tire combo that you like. Remember, there is nothing the matter with storing/protecting those Razors off of your car.

You will love the more planted feel of a 275 tire on the front of a heavy nosed GT500 when pressing into a turn.


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