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Official Updates???

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Can someone from SAI officially post the latest.. greatest information on the Super Snake. It seems that there are so many rumors out there that need to be debunked or confirmed and at least a timetable for the release of additional information. If SAI has already accepted deposits, it should really have all these issues ironed out. I don't mean to speak for everyone, but I think the following should be addressed:


1. Is the Kenne Bell S/C going to be used on the unwarrantied SS?

2. Will the warrantied version of the SS (using the TVS) have a 3yr/36K powertrain warranty FROM FORD (the same TVS from FRPP and Roush will only have a warranty for 1 year/12K miles)?

3. Can we expect to dyno charts of each engine's performance? If so, when will we have this information?

4. Can we expect to see 1/4 mile timeslips and testing? If so, when will we have this information?

5. Is the rear 275 tire width a done deal?

6. Do you charge the 6.5% NV sales tax on cars shipped back out of state? (If it is subject to tax, you might be able to help us out as I believe that labor component is exempt from sales tax if it is separately stated on the invoice).

7. Not a SS question, but are silver stripes with the 40th Anniversary package the same as the silver stripes from the factory? If so, is there a credit for cars with the factory silver stripes?


I don't mean to be pushy, but how can we be expected to fork over a hefty sum of cash (including a nonrefundable deposit) without having all the facts. I appreciate all the information you (SAI) have posted previously. I think it would be helpful to keep the flow of information going.


Thanks in advance.



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