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Hottest Day of the Year, A/C goes out...

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It has been an unusually busy spring and just now got a chance to take a drive with the local Mustang club.  Heat index of 111* and the AC decides now is a good time to quit!  Who else has had this happen and what turned out to be the fix?  I'm hoping all it needs is recharged?  Temps are back to more or less normal and it still is not working right.

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Depending on your mods...mine was a hole in one of the "metal" lines where it had rubbed with something else. The 3 "rubbing" culprits IF you have certain mods:
1) The lines that go right next to the strut tower bar IF it's a FRPP/KR piece.
2) The lines next to the lower right hand side of the radiator IF the radiator has been upgraded to the thicker C&R Shelby one.
3) The lines next to the lower right hand side of the radiator IF running the FRPP/KR cooling duct hoses.

I put a bottle of "dye" in my system and looked through all of the lines and it took me a number of times before I found it. I would recommend though, since the "freon" is most likely gone, to replace the orifice tube and the receiver/dryer before putting new stuff in it. They are relatively cheap and will ensure you have a system that will last you another 10 years or more. AND...I can't believe I'm saying this...I took mine to the local dealer where the service advisor "liked me" and they used their brand new a/c setup on my car. It was like $90 or something, but the car is down right COLD. I didn't know who to trust and I only went there because of the service advisor.

Just my .02 :)


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Well, took it into the local shop I trust and it turned out both Schrader(?) valves were leaking.  Over half the freon was gone.  Got car back in 90 minutes and so far everything seems back to normal.  Total bill $103.

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