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New Owner questions 06H415


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In the pics below, is there supposed to be a grill or is this space open?  I've researched and it appears the '07 H's  have a grill between the fog lights.  The '06's I see vary, some do, some don't  (pics included of examples of what I'm speaking of).  If it was left open from factory, what are recommendations on installing a grill, or is one needed?

I am also looking for a no-drill front license plate bracket. I've seen "craigs" and some others. Looking for opinions from those who have purchased some of these or any DIY ideas.  

And last, I see a multitude of comments on this subject.  I'll phrase it like this, in the owners manual I see 87 octane listed, is this just for the GT or is the Shelby GT-H included? Just curious.

I appreciate all the feedback. Thanks again.


Front end2.jpg

Front end.jpg

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The 2006 GTH cars did NOT have the lower billet grille as part of their original build for Hertz. The 2007 GTH did have the lower billet grille along with fog lights and non functional brake cooling ducts as part of their build for Hertz.

As others have mentioned the lower billet grille was a popular owner installed upgrade for the 2006 GTH cars.


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