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Where is the book to go with the the Ford v. Ferrari movie?


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Usually in a feature film based on real life there's supposed to be a book listed in the redits that they supposedly "anchored" the story on. In this case, 20th Century Fox had a book, the rights to AJ Baime's Go Like Hell but they resold those rights before starting on Ford v. Ferrari. Fortunately there's several books on the era already out . Among them my buddy Brian Winer recently told me he saved many boxes of a title called Ford vs. Ferrari books by Anthony Pritchard and they are in  superb condition. Maybe this book, which he offers on Amazon.com,  will do until Fox (now Disney) gets their act together. Here's  a story on brian's rescue and re-issue of the Pritchard book, with Brian's email address



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There is also the Cobra Ferarri Wars, which is a fantastic piece but more geared toward the earlier years of the Cobra and Daytona Coupe part of the bigger picture which will probably not be covered in the movie and is not really included in Go Like Hell either. But it's really a better story.

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Early word was this was Baime's book, but the credits don't seem to show it any more.  The thing is there are plenty of books out there about this subject, with all sorts of interviews, including Shelby's autobiography, from which to derive the material necessary.  While Baime's book added a certain amount of "personality" to the story, there really wasn't anything there that people close to it didn't already know. I don't think there are any pieces of the story that one single writer would claim to be exclusive.   Any competent researcher could have pieced together the sequence needed to produce a screenplay.  I fear the movie will be short on facts and long on drama.    Frankly, I won't be going to see it will wait for the DVD.

The one I really look forward to is "The Art Of Racing In The Rain". 

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There is a later edition (2011) of the Pritchard book (gold letttering on cover) , but it's over $100  and Haynes,the publisher, has abandoned general history books and gone back to owner's manuals. So here's some more facts on the '84 edition which has a white bordered jacket on a hardbound book. Racing in the Rain cold be more fun if you're a dog lover--It may be told from the dog's point of view!

You can reach Brian at trueford@aol.com

Title: Ford vs. Ferrari, the Battle for LeMans (hardcover) 1984 

Author: Anthony Pritchard                                                       Publisher Zuma Marketing

Brian's pitch on Amazon:

"A journalist friend of mine got together with Anthony Pritchard, and got the rights to reprint this significant book, about what is referred to as the Golden Age of racing. BUT, the original small book was finished and printed when Ford left its' official direct international racing effort in 1967, but, Ford GTs again won LeMans in 1968, and 1969. (Gulf, Wyer racing effort) So, my journalist friend got chapters from Mr Pritchard from a subsequent book, covering those years to make a more complete book about the Ford GT racing program. The original book, and those chapters were combined, with applicable photos to create this book in 1984. I later purchased all his remaining copies of the book, in sealed cases from the publisher in Japan. 

Product details

·         Hardcover

·         Publisher: Zuma; Revised Edition edition (1984)

·         ASIN: B000J3LQEW

·         Package Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.6 x 1.1 inches

·         Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds


·         Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #381,313 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

o    #261 in Automotive History (Books)


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There is a new book on Shelby being advertised, I think it's called "Carroll Shelby" and covers racing through ;67. But after I saw Amazon didn't have the publication date I found another ref. that it is a 1967 book. It is being distributed by  British fir, Does anyone know if it updats to 2012 or is just an old book with a new cover?

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Here is the new book. I haven't seen it at Barnes & Noble but can anyone tell me, is this just his old book from 1967 reprinted with no updating in content or pictures to cover later years?

Wasn't the original called The Cobra Story? Anyhow love to hear a book report, the price is certainly affordable. Here's the Amazon.com ad

Editorial Reviews


An absorbing saga that roars at more than 150 miles an hour. --The Indianapolis Star

Fascinating --Boston Herald

Dramatic --Detroit Free Press

From the Inside Flap

Carroll Shelby wasn't born to run. He was born to race"¬‚¬"some of the fastest cars ever to tear up a speedway. Now his high-velocity story has taken its place in racing history--in the words of the man who actually lived every action-packed second of it. The exciting new feature film Ford v Ferrari--starring Matt Damon as Shelby and Christian Bale as fellow racer Ken Miles--immortalizes the small-town Texas boy who won the notorious Le Mans 24-hour challenge, and revolutionized auto racing. But Shelby's got many more zero-to-speed-of-light stories to share, in his own wild, unmistakable style.

A wizard behind the wheel, he was also a visionary designer of speed machines that ruled the racetrack and the road. While his GT40s racked up victories in the world's most prestigious professional racing showdowns, his masterpiece, the Ford Cobra, gave Europe's formidable Ferrari an all-American run for its money. With his foot on the pedal and his eyes on the prize, Carroll Shelby never looked back on his rocket-ride into greatness. Truly an autobiography in every sense, THE COBRA STORY will satisfy any reader with a need for speed.

Product details








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