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Looking at purchasing a GTH

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I am looking at 16H0070 and would like some advice.

I am in Denver and the car is in Seaside, CA so I had an inspection company go and look at the car, take tons of pics and give me a brief overall condition report. For the most part it came back favorable. However...

Noted in the report and visible in the pictures the inspector sent is the chin spoiler has some bad scratches and what even looks like a crack. (Not surprising for a rental car really.) Is this a real carbon fiber part and how hard to find and expensive would it be to replace?

The only other issue the inspector mentioned is that he could not get the AC working. He said it appears the compressor is not functioning. This issue is very concerning, seems like it could get expensive fast to repair this.

It is currently owned by a GMC dealer, they said they bought it at the Russo and Steele Auction in Monterey, CA. I can't find any info on it from that auction. The carfax seems weird as well. It shows being sold at auction in the desert southwest region in mid May 2018, then 3 months later titled as in dealer inventory in Phoenix, AZ. Then it is inspected in CA a couple weeks later, and finally listed for sale as dealer inventory in early Oct. 2018. https://www.carfax.com/VehicleHistory/p/Report.cfx?vin=1FA6P8CF0G5304291&partner=COO_0

Does anyone happen to have an info on this car? The dealer seems to have had it for some time now. Is this normal for a GTH?

They are asking $39,900 for the car. Does this seem like a good deal? Or should I walk away due to the AC issue?

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Truxman, Russo & Steele did sell a Shelby GTH at Monterey last year, see screenshot below.

As mentioned, chin spoilers/splitters should be available through Shelby parts department.

Have you asked the dealership to look at the a/c? If so what was their diagnosis?

In my opinion yes it would be normal for a GMC truck dealership to have a Shelby Mustang just sit on their sales lot for an extended amount of time. How many people do you know who would say, Hey Truxman lets go over to the GMC truck dealership to see if they have any Shelby Mustangs for sale, not the first stop for Shelby Mustang buyers.

Price is subjective and only you as the buyer are able to decide if its a good deal for you.

Lastly, Hertz II follows the GTH cars pretty closely so hopefully his PM to you contained some helpful info.





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Well, I did not end up getting car #70. I was in the middle of dealing with a salesperson at the GMC dealer, when on Sunday he could not find the car. After he did some checking he finds out it had not been sold, but the GM (who he is related to) decided they had the car too long and had discounted it too much and sent it off to a wholesale auction. Not sure why he would do that since his salesperson had someone very interested in it. After all I was literally mins away from buying a plane ticket to fly out there for a final inspection and purchase the car. I had even spent a fair chunk of change to have a professional car inspection company go out and check the car.


I did look around for other GTH cars, but I ended up finding a deal I could not pass up on a 16 GT350 that I will be picking up this weekend.


I want to thank Hertz II for his wonderful amount of knowledge and willingness to talk with me on these cars (even with multiple dropped calls from my horrible cellular service.) Thank you for your time and info.

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Hey Truxman, congrats on getting a GT350. Probably doesn't matter at this point, but #70 at Cardinale was one of the GT-Hs I was looking at as a possibility. And I just looked at their website earlier this morning before I saw your post on here. So, being curious, I called and a sales rep told me it is still available. She also told me there is no body damage and it's in perfect shape. Uh huh, ok.

Anyway, I'm not sure what I might do, but they don't seem like a great dealership to work with. I was put on hold multiple times, then disconnected, then called back. It was a mess.

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