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Barrett-Jackson June 2019


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Yesterday's lot # 351.1 was a 2008 Shelby GT Barrett-Jackson Edition coupe, 5 speed manual, 08SGT2258, with Black Shelby Razor wheels and some exterior and interior mods, navigation/ satellite radio, stock looking engine. Unknown miles.

Sold for $20,000 hammer price, $22,000 total.

sgt bj.jpg

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That’s for the alert. At the hammer price I’m guessing, don’t know for sure, that the mileage was on the higher side.  I didn’t see it listed anywhere when I looked at the lot on BJ’s site. 


Good looking car.  

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BJ doesn't require mileage any more.  Owner can mention it in the description.

The east-coast BJ auctions are non-events.  I don't know why they have them any more.  This one in particular is a dumping ground for Rolls Royces and Bentleys - pennies on the dollar for basically new cars.  "Muscle cars" don't do well there, preferred Vegas or Scottsdale for those vehicles. 

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