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Carroll Shelby Racing acquired Shelby GT License

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Carroll Shelby Racing has acquired the license for the 07-08 Shelby GT's. We will be having Scott Drake remanufactured the parts you guys/gals are looking for. To stay up to date and see if the parts your looking for are available check us out at


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4 hours ago, justin emanuel said:

We are looking for your feedback in what parts you need for your Shelby GT! Also, be sure to see what is available by going to


have you thought about reproducing the OEM style 5230-GTA muffler sets or very similar design, it seems like a few people on TS lately have been trying to find them, and also there are several thousand Shelby GT's out there that are 10+ years old and may be due a changeout. Mine are about due a replacement and I have been contemplating a set of KRs or 5230-GTB(Bullitts) .... but would prefer the original 5230-GTA. set.

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Remanufacture stock Shelby GT parts why, would rather see performance upgrade parts

I own a few Shelby's but my 08 GT/SC is still my favorite

Many of us been looking for those Sliver Shelby side Window Cover Plates

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