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I need new tires and I couldn't be happier!


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A local car club sponsored a road course race at our fairgrounds this weekend. (Thanks fellow member joshua484 for dragging me along!) They set up a road course with cones in a massive empty parking lot that is only used during fair time. While it was certainly not an ideal setup for the GT500 (tight turns and relatively short straightaway), it was an absolute blast! :yahoo:


As you would expect on this type of course, most of the cars were front wheel drive ricers which had a huge advantage in the tight turns, but I could have cared less! I wasn't concerned at all about my times, just wanted to drive the h**l out of the car. I was actually surprised at how well it handled. With TCS off you could drift through a lot of the turns in 1st gear. Unfortunately, I could only get into 2nd on rare occasions due to the course setup. My times were actually better than a lot, and worse than others, and all in all I was happy with that. Also, one guy did bring a Ford GT supercar, and it was fun to see one in action.


Being a novice on a road course, it was just fun to try it with the GT500. The grin on my face after that first run was worth every penny I paid for this car! :yup: As Grabber put it, "I drove it like I stole it", and I didn't have to worry about the cops or running into something/somebody.


I could use some suggestions from more experienced members on tire pressure and/or alternate wheels for road course racing. I am sure I put an excessive amount of wear on my fronts since this beast is so nose heavy. There's a big road course down in Omaha that we are planning to try in August, so I'd like to figure out what adjustments to make before then.


btw, Josh's white with the silver stripes is an awesome color combo. I hadn't seen that combination before, and it sure looked great. :rockon:

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Lighter wheels and a set of slicks and you'll be eating up corners. :happy feet:


Is this something one can find used easily? I don't think I'll be doing it that often that I want to buy new ones. Will the slicks work on the road to get to and from the track, or do you need to transport them with you and change at the track? Obviously a bit of a novice here....



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