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Will a front tire/rim fit in the trunk as a spare?

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If I read the specs correct the rims are the same size all around, it is just the tire size that is larger in the rear. So for long road trips I was wondering if I could put the smaller tires on all for corners and buy another OEM rim with tire as a spare. This would also allow touring tires for long trips.


Has anyone taken a front tire/rim to see if it will fit in the spare tire areal?

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There are two ways to figure this out.

1. Get out a tape measure and measure the tire hight and width then measure the wheel well and see if it will fit.

2. take the back tire off the car and try to stuff it in there.

You got free road side service with this car when You bought it.

A spare tire will do You no good unless the tire that went flat is the same size.

You could get a tire that is the same size as the back and be ok because You could put it on the front but not the other way around.

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No - I haven't tried putting a front tire and rim in the trunk to see if it fits as a spare. Though that is a good question. I'd prefer that arrangement even though using a front tire mixed with a rear tire on the rear axle is not ideal. Though I think that's a better short term solution than fix-a-flat or waiting for road service. My guess is Ford did this based on the cost alone for another alloy rim and Eagle F1.

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I don't know how long You could drive on a miss matched tire on the back before damage would

result. If You drive it out of town would You want to take the chance.

Driving slow will not make a difference ether.

I saw a Guy that put the bologna tire on the front of his front wheel drive car.

I had to laugh because that tire was smoking something fierce and He didn't have a limited slip differential.


You don't have a jack or lug wrench because they didn't put a spare in the trunk so what good would it do.

I don't think that any of the s197 body style cars have spares in them. I could be wrong.

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