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2014 GT 500 supercharger what to look out for before I make purchase from CarMax ?

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Miles are high for the car. (There are a lot of low mileage specimens available.) Price is high for the miles.

Your "Interests" mention Super Snake, while your question simply says GT500. I don't mean to insult, but want to ensure you understand 2014 GT500s were produced in Michigan, by Ford, under license from Shelby. 2014 Super Snakes started their lives as "basic" GT500s (with sticker prices ranging from ~$55K to ~$70K), but underwent conversion by Shelby American (or one of their licensed dealers) turning them into Super Snakes (with package prices starting around $45K, making the original cost of a "real" Super Snake over $100K). Upgrades include performance, handling, and cosmetics. A "real" Super Snake should have a CSM number (in addition to a VIN) and extensive documentation from Shelby. If it doesn't have a CSM (easily confirmed through Shelby American), it's NOT a Super Snake. At $42K, I'm sure the car you're considering is not a Super Snake.

All of that said, the list of potential issues is long but, as with any used vehicle, depends entirely on how the car was treated. These cars are sturdy but, if they've been ridden hard and put away wet, save your money and look for another one. Things I'd look at include: inside and outside cleanliness (dirty/tired = improper routine maintenance), stock or upgraded intake (upgraded = possible hard use), stock or upgraded throttle body (upgraded = possible hard use), stock or upgraded supercharger pulley (upgraded = possible hard use), stock or upgraded supercharger (upgraded = possible hard use), stock or upgraded lower pulley (upgraded = possible hard use), stock or upgraded exhaust (upgraded = possible hard use), stock or upgraded rear gears (upgraded = possible hard use and probable gear whine), condition of the oil, brake fluid, and coolant (dirty/tired = improper routine maintenance), type/size/condition of tires (upsized and/or heavily worn = possible hard use), and condition of clutch (worn/slipping = probable hard use). If intake, throttle body, pulleys and/or supercharger are upgraded, car has probably been tuned (tuned = possible hard use and potential warranty issues). If it's been tuned, you'll want the handheld tuner used to do it and the name of the shop that developed the tune.

Good luck!


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