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Stripe kit

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Yep, they were a Shelby factory install. It's been a while since that iteration has been made so might be a tough find. If you're planning on keeping the car, I'd suggest getting them painted on and never have to worry about it again. The color is Guardsman Blue.

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On 3/20/2019 at 7:25 PM, Tonyjp said:

Thanks.  I will get one ordered. Mine has turned brown in some areas. Less than. 8000 miles on the car and always inside. I hope it won’t happen with a new set. 


Stripes that have brown discoloring is normally caused by UV rays so the car must have spent some time outdoors. It appears your GT350 was built for Galpin Ford so who knows how long it sat in the Southern California sun and was at the mercy of the power washers that dealerships use. Also metallic colors are notoriously difficult especially on the horizontal surfaces. Most likely you will have better luck with the new stripes as you will have control from day one on how they are treated.

In regards to your question on the lighted sill plates, best to ask SPP if there is any chance they can help yo locate a set.



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13 hours ago, Tonyjp said:

Steve. Is there anyway we can get the stripe template files from Shelby. I am thinking about getting reverse vinyl cut so I can have the stripes painted on. Thanks 

I can not speak for SPP but I highly doubt your request would be granted by SAI. A definite answer would need to come from SPP.


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