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New To Me, Mark1A

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On ‎3‎/‎12‎/‎2019 at 2:49 PM, 2007_Shelby_GT said:

1966 Mark 1A with a 347 Stroker!


Nice!, always liked the Sunbeam Alpines and Tigers. Its an under appreciated piece of Shelby history that has finally gotten more interest over the past decade to collectors...first saw one in this Bond Movie.


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12 hours ago, 66GT350PS said:

There is always Maxwell Smart in his Sunbeam Tiger in the TV series "Get Smart".


yep, he also drove a Shelby GT500KR in a few episodes. Loved that show as kid and still catch it from time to time on TV...still hilarious.

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The original owner pulled mine out of a junkyard and spent 20 plus years building it up to the condition you see here!  Only raced a couple of times, never at Pikes Peak! 

Incidently, Maxwell Smart drove an Alpine that had Tiger badges - they needed room under the hood for the pop up machine gun and the V-8 wouldn’t have worked, hence the Alpine with V-8 sound dubbed in!


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Oh, the stroker came from a drag car and the Tiger was impossible to drive until it was re-cammed! About 400 or so horses and a real scream to drive now!  Currently building something a bit milder (331) to make it a tad more liveable!


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