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Looking for: Shelby Oil Temp Gauge (Triple Gauge Pod Setup)

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Long shot but looking to see if anyone with the Shelby Triple Gauge on their GT has gone supercharged, either via the GT/SC KB pack or their own route, and now wants a Boost gauge in their pod that's an official signed CS Gauge.


I have the supercharged version, with the Boost gauge, but have now gone back N/A and would like the Oil Temp gauge back. SAI no longer carries the gauges and although I can go buy a similar Auto Meter, it would not have the CS signature on the faceplate that matches the other 2. My gauge is brand new, never used.


Long shot but let me know. Images of both attached:



Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 10.30.32 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 10.40.38 PM.jpg

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Oil Temp seems to be the tough one to find. I have that one on my N/A set up. I can tell you that overall it's just a hole filler as my temps rarely get above 210 degrees. Most of the time it barely seems to move the needle :) 

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