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Personalized license plate


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17 minutes ago, ChicagoChris said:

1> gets the message to those who understand it is a Shelby. 

Yes it does but be prepared to spend lots of time explaining to non-Shelby enthusiasts what your license plate means.

I had a license plate one time that read 'Shelby' and was constantly asked if Shelby was my wife or daughters name while others thought it was a nickname for my car.

In regards to choices 3 &4, what about something like SAI 350


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Some states have restrictions on what combinations are allowed.  For example, none of those listed would work in Nevada.  Nevada has an online "plate finder" so I was able to check them.  I think the reasons are:

1.  Custom (Vanity) plates can't contain 3 letters and 3 numbers.  Those are plates that occur in nature and can't be custom.  I think this is a common restriction as I tried one in Colorado and they wouldn't take it.

2. The ones with 4 letters/3 numbers fail because of the 3 numbers.   For example, VEGS350 doesn't work but VEGS35 does.

Before applying make sure whatever you choose is allowed by your state.

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