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What font is on the Shelby (S. Drake) billet aluminum parts?

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Anyone know what font is on the Shelby billet parts made by Scott drake (ebrake handle, battery hold down, pedal covers)?  Looking to have 1/2" vinyl stickers made in blue to put on the regular drake parts that I have, since Shelby ones aren't/weren't available. Picture below for font example. Assistance is greatly appreciated.

shelby ebrake letters blue.jpg

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16 minutes ago, JeffIsHereToo said:

Why not use the Myraid font? Always bothered me that SD didn’t use the font on the car’s side stripe. Didn’t look OEM. You can correct that mistake. 

Thanks Jeff, I did create and view in that font since I knew what the stripes are, it just didn't look right. I have some of the parts that have Shelby on them and thought maybe I could create the vinyl letters for the ones that don't, to match.  DIYlettering.com has quite a few fonts, just not sure they have this one.


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On ‎12‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 7:09 PM, BlackSGT said:

The font is Microgramma Bold.

Bold italic looks good too.

Thanks, gonna check it out and see what I can get to match. 

I did order a set of vinyl stickers in the darker blue on ebay just to see how it would look.  The font looks close and the letters are 1/2 inch, so they should be correct sizing


I'll post up a pic when I get them. if they don't look right. I'm gonna order them from DIY lettering. I previewed them and they look correct.

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