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2018 Ford GT Delivery - Last Heritage Edition Built


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Shelby American was representing at the delivery of the last 2018 Heritage Edition Ford GT being delivered yesterday to a good friend of Carroll's. Below are a few cell phone pics of the delivery in Southern California. The owner was wise to have a video team capture the whole delivery process including the extensive Ford reps explanation of all the features & procedures. If the FORD GT came with a printed owners manual my guess it would be as thick as a big city phone book.

Bosko GT 1.jpg

Bosko GT 2.jpg

Bosko GT 3.jpg

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Many of you have seen on the news of the mass shooting that took place last night at a Thousand Oaks Bar & Grills where a college night event was being held. As you can see by the photo below we were fortunate to have the assistance of the Ventura County's Sheriff Department ( aka T.O. Police) who assisted with the delivery of this Ford GT,  traffic control was needed so that a major street could have its traffic stopped during the afternoon commute for the Reliable rig  to be able back down the owners cul-de-sac street. These officers were then invited to stay and enjoy a catered dinner that the GT's owner was hosting for friends & family.

While Sergeant Ron Helus was not one of the officers assisting with the Ford GT delivery, three of his fellow officers were and are mourning the death of their friend today. Sergeant Helus was killed last night as the first responding officer entering the Thousand Oaks bar while the mass shooting was taking place.

It was eerie turning on the news this morning and seeing officers, that you just had a meal with a few hours earlier, tearing up about the loss of a fellow officer & friend so to Sergeant Ron Helus, thank you for your sacrifice and please know that your family will be watched over and taken care of. 

Carroll was a huge supporter and was friends with many LEO's throughout his life.

Bosko GT 1a.jpg

Bosko GT 1b.jpg

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The cool part of the Reliable rig is that there are side doors on both side of the rig so that the rig driver can open the car door instead of crawling through an open window of the car being delivered. I can't tell you how many cars arrive at Shelby American where there are dirt & scuff marks in the interior of a customers car because of the truck driver crawling in & out of the cars window.

Bosko GT 9.jpg

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Besides the GT car cover the car also came with a Ford GT branded Ctek battery maintainer and an autographed die cast scale model. Not sure whose autographs those are but I'm guessing they are either the cars build team or the design team. Anyone know for sure whose autographs those are?

Bosko GT 12.jpg

Bosko GT 13.jpg

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Hey SAI STEVEN;   Thanks for posting all those very "Cool" pics of that (Super Cool) FORD GT in my favorite colors!    It's way out of my price range, but that GT is absolutely the " Best One Yet"!!    Ford has some of the "Best Designers" and Engine Builders out there and the FORD GT is proof of that!!  :thumbsup:     

Also, Thank You for the pic of Sergeant Ron Helus's  fellow officers saluting and honoring a (REAL) American Hero!!   Simply put:  He gave it his "ALL"!!!   R.I.P.  Ron

MONGOOSE     :peelout:

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Found it Mongoose and thanks. We have to put a stop to this insanity that’s becoming the norm in our country.

Cool car for sure. That engine was tested for many years racing in the Daytona prototype class in IMSA. I hope they come back to the class of racing in the not to distance future. With all the ups and downs of the auto market let’s hope so. 

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On 11/9/2018 at 10:46 AM, SAI-Steven said:

The video company that the owner  of this Heritage GT hired to document the delivery went all out complete with a drone camera to catch every angle.

Don't know about you but I certainly don't have video of any of my cars let alone drone video.


Bosko GT 10.jpg

Bosko GT 11.jpg

What no video of your cars Steve...how do you remember how they sounded. I’ve got a few especially the big blocks. 

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